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Specific objetives

The overall AWESOME research programme tackles the main research challenges in the wind O&M field identified by the European wind academic and industrial community:

  • 1. To develop better O&M planning methodologies of wind farms for maximizing its revenue

  • 2. To optimise the maintenance of wind turbines by prognosis of component failures and

  • 3. To develop new and better cost-effective strategies for Wind Energy O&M.

These main goals have been divided into eleven specific objectives, which will be assigned to the fellows, for them to focus their R&D project, PhD Thesis and professional career. The established training plan answers the challenges identified by the SET Plan Education Roadmap. Personal Development Career Plans will be tuned up for every fellow, being their accomplishment controlled by a Personal Supervisory Team.

The training plan includes intra-network activities, as well as network-wide initiatives. The secondments at partner organizations and between beneficiaries are a key attribute of the training programme. Each fellow will be exposed to three different research environments from both, academic and industrial spheres. All the network activities will be developed in accordance with the established in the Ethical Codes and Standards for research careers development, looking therefore for talent, excellence and opportunity equality.