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DONG Energy has established its own Wind Power Cost of Energy organisation to ensure dedicated focus on lowering costs and improving power generation through technology innovation, supply chain development and continuous improvement of current technologies and processes.

Additionally, DONG Energy is involved in the following national and international offshore innovation programmes: MEGAVIND, TP Wind and Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator. These are all designed to reduce the costs of wind technology and improve the profitability of offshore wind power within the offshore wind energy industry.

Under the Danish R&D wind power platform MEGAVIND, we are identifying and mapping the areas in which research, development and demonstration projects have the greatest cost reduction potential.

TP Wind is a European wind power research and development platform that sets the agenda and advises the European Commission on wind energy issues and provides funding of R&D projects in the industry.

Lastly, DONG Energy is a partner in the UK Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) programme, which is co-funded by the UK Government. The objective of the programme is to promote research and development that can reduce the price of wind energy by 10% in the period 2010-2020.