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The wind energy group at the University of Strathclyde is the leading centre for Wind Energy research in the UK. Established in 1988, it is now has approximately 70 postgraduate students and research associates. It has been very successful in attracting research grants in Wind Energy with in excess of £15M of long term funding secured.

Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbines is an active area of research for the wind energy group. Several PhDs in the Doctoral Training System in Wind Energy Systems are focused on it, including projects undertaken in collaboration with drive-train specialists Romax and turbine operators EDF and Vattenfall.

Furthermore there have been additional projects funded directly by the Energy Technology Institute, led by Moog/Insensys, and Department of Energy and Climate Change, led by Ricardo.

Individual research and training aspects offered

  • Participation in the Training programme of the DTC in Wind Energy Systems. This would include specialist courses in Wind Turbine Technology, Aerodynamics, Structures and Fatigue, Control, Power Systems and Electronics and Economics as well as research, professional and business skills.
  • Access to all relevant software including BLADED, MATLAB/Simulink, ANSYS etc.
  • Interaction with the researchers in the wind group at Strathclyde including the DTC in Wind Energy Systems.