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DTU Wind Energy was established in 2012, formed on the basis of the former Wind Energy Division at Risø national laboratory for sustainable energy, parts of the Materials Division at Risø and parts of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at DTU. All of these have more than 30 years of historical background in wind energy in Denmark and internationally. DTU is a financially autonomous university with a Board of Governors as its highest authority. DTU offers B.Eng., B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs.

Individual research and training aspects offered

  • Participation in events and courses offered by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and its research school, including guest lectures, seminars and workshops, visits, etc.
  • Access to specialized and technical courses, including WAsP, WAsP Eng, HAWC.
  • Access to all relevant software, including, Matlab, Mathematica, HAWC, WAsP, WAsP Eng, CFD.