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Ramboll Management Consulting GmbH


Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. The company belongs to a foundation and is therefore independent of external interests. One overall goal of Ramboll is “bring knowledge to the society” and that is why Ramboll aims at participating in PhD programs in order to further optimize solutions for the market and make them available to use.

Ramboll’s capabilities originally stems from 30 years of experience within the offshore oil & gas industry, but also from developing and designing offshore wind energy projects for more than 12 years. Ramboll has carried out detailed design of more than 65% of the worlds installed offshore wind turbine foundations. In addition, Ramboll renders the full suite of multidisciplinary engineering consultancy services within wind energy projects ranging from structural design, fabrication and installation planning, wind turbine technology, grid technology and site assessment (met-ocean and geotechniques, geophysics) and O&M.

Individual research and training aspects offered

  • Access to all relevant software including LacFlex, Matlab, etc.
  • Access to inhouse built tool for O&M decision and planning.
  • Interaction with experts from Oil and Gas and other relevant industry branches for best practice approach.