//Mid-term review meeting and 3rd Specific course

Mid-term review meeting and 3rd Specific course

The AWESOME partners gathered once again in order to keep track off the project evolution, as well as to continue the researchers training program. The mid-term review meeting took place at the project partner Ramboll’s premises, in the city of Hamburg (Germany) and also counted with the participation of the PhD students and the EC representative.

During the very first day, AWESOME supervisors and researchers presented the evolution of the project to the EC representative. In fact, the meeting was specially focused in evaluating the progress of each fellow. Every researcher had the chance, with the support of his / her supervisor and by means of a poster session, to present the scientific progress of his / her research line to the project officer.

During the one-day meeting there was also some time scheduled to present the different activities carried out during the 1st period, such as secondments, specific, courses, summer schools, joint industry workshop, etc. The plan for the future activities was also undertaken, and discussed. All of these activities are based on the general training plan and the personalized career development plan, which the members developed at the initial stages of the project.

After that, Ramboll facilities also hosted the 3rd Specific course. After the training activities focused in the scientific knowledge of wind farms O&M, this course aimed to deepen in managerial and horizontal issues, which are key skills throughout their professional careers,  such as research and engineering ethics, dissemination, academic cooperation, career path in industry, start-ups, negotiation or applying for funding. The lectures were given both by supervisors from the consortium and by external contributors from the industry.