//AWESOME researchers win Best Poster Award at DeepWind 2017

AWESOME researchers win Best Poster Award at DeepWind 2017

The AWESOME project played a special role in one of the most relevant forums of wind energy in Europe: the conference EERA DeepWind’2017. In the framework of this international event, a cooperation of AWESOME researchers – Lorenzo Colone, Maik Reder, and Janis Tautz-Weinert – won the Best Poster Award for Scientific Content.The seed for their research came from the AWESOME 1st Joint Industry Workshop and resulted in a paper on “Optimization of data acquisition in wind turbines with data-driven conversion functions for sensor measurements”.

The second report of the AWESOME Joint Industry Workshop on the topic “Key Performance Indicators for Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance” also resulted in a successful poster presentation. The poster was presented by Helene Seyr. The topic attracted researchers from a wide variety of fields of knowledge and led to various questions, comments and discussions. The involved AWESOME researchers were Elena González, Emmanouil M. Nanos, Helene Seyr Laura Valldecabres and Nurseda Y. Yurusen.

In addition, another one of the AWESOME researchers, Lisa Ziegler (RAMBOLL), gave an oral presentation on “Fatigue crack detection for lifetime extension of monopile-based offshore wind turbines”. The results were obtained by Jutta Stutzmann during a short-term research project with Ramboll as part of her master studies.

EERA DeepWind’2017 is the 14th Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Conference. The event took place in Trondheim (Norway) between 18th and 20nd of January 2017. The posters and presentation ae available from the conferences website: