//AWESOME (x4) at the Wind Europe Summit 2016

AWESOME (x4) at the Wind Europe Summit 2016

The project AWESOME took part in one of the main European forums on wind energy: the Wind Europe Summit 2016. The event is annually organized by the Wind Europe association (previously named EWEA), and this year teamed up with WindEnergy Hamburg to celebrate the world’s largest wind energy conference & expo, in close collaboration with four of the companies leading the energy transition in Europe – DONG Energy, ENEL Green Power, Enercon and Nordex –, which took on the role of Event Ambassador for the Summit.

In such a prestigious scenario the project AWESOME took the opportunity to present to the most remarkable European professionals and companies some of its latest achievements. Up to four times the project had the chance to cover some of the different issues of the operation and maintenance of wind farms on which it is working.

First, an oral presentation during the conference sessions addressed the “The decision on the time to switch from lifetime extension to repowering”. The PhD researcher Lisa Ziegler who is currently developing her research work at Ramboll was the person in charge of imparting this conference, being supervised in this task by Ursula Smolka from Ramboll, and Michael Muskulus from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Second, the PhD researchers performing their study at CIRCE and LBORO were able to present their respective works during the poster sessions. Elena González presented “A novel method for obtaining a wind turbine performance curve”, Nurseda Y. Yurusen the “Importance ranking for revenue of a wind farm case study: Spain”, Maik Reder the study “Assessing Wind Speed Effects on Wind Turbine Reliability” and Jannis Tautz-Weinert presented “Neural networks for wind turbine fault detection via current signature analysis”. All these works are being guided, respectively, by the supervisor Julio J. Melero, from CIRCE and Simon Watson from LBORO.

The oral presentation as well as the posters can be found at: