//First meeting between academia and industry within the AWESOME project

First meeting between academia and industry within the AWESOME project

AWESOME organized a new international meeting, which combined in a weekly event the 1st Joint Industry Workshop (JIW) and the 3rd Supervisory Board and Training Committee, gathering both industrial and academic partners, as well as the PhD researchers.

The event was hosted by the project partner Ramboll on February the 16th – 19th. Despite having its headquarters in Hamburg, the meetings were held in the city of Berlin, so as to facilitate the attendance of all the members.

The Industrial workshop aimed to introduce to the consortium some barriers and challenges that the industrial partners are facing in the O&M of windfarms, covering different aspects such as problems with sensors, data measurement, prognosis of critical components or structural fatigue of windturbines. The participation of representatives from Siemens, Ikerlan, AIRWERK, CUBE Engineering, or WÖLFEL showed the commitment of the industrial business with this network of knowledge, and will help developing new solutions by the PhD researchers that could be applied in the industry in a near future.

During the first day of the JIW, the industry representatives together with the AWESOME supervisors defined specific problem statements currently faced within the wind farms O&M field. After that and along the rest of the week, the AWESOME researchers worked in groups in order to reach the best solutions to these challenges faced by the industry, addressing:

  • Use of measurement data for cost-effective O&M
  • Definition of Key Performance Indicators for O&M

As a consequence, a scientific report will be prepared and forwarded to the related stakeholders as the main output of the event.

On the other hand, the Supervisory Board allowed the partners to review the general status of the project and set out issues on the management, financial and planning side.

The Training Committee made a review of the general training plan, as well as the courses and training activities organised by the project. In addition, the partners discussed the training events and activities identified to be held during the following year, including the first set of secondments.

This way, the scenario for 2016 seems quite intense for the members of the AWESOME project, due to the wide number of activities foreseen: first set of secondments, EWEA annual event, TORQUE, Ramboll Maintenance Academy or the FORWIND Academy.