//AWESOME welcomes the PhD students with the first specific course

AWESOME welcomes the PhD students with the first specific course

The researchers working on their PhD in the framework of the AWESOME project received their first specific course, which will help them to start their respective works on the O&M of wind farms.

The event was held in Zaragoza, and hosted by the project coordinator CIRCE. In addition to the three-days course (from 8th to 10th of September), the AWESOME project also celebrated the first Supervisory board and Training Committee meeting, giving both of them, fellows and supervisors, the chance to get to know each other and strengthen the bonds of collaboration.

These fellows are currently developing their PhD at CIRCE, ForWind, University of Castilla la Mancha, University of Strathclyde, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Technical University of Denmark, Ramboll Management Consulting GmbH, Technical University of Munich, and University of Loughborough.

The first specific course was focused on performing a detailed introduction to the O&M of windfarms, focusing on the technical and practical aspects. In this way, a person of the company CETASA, as industrial partner organisation of the project, participated in the course giving one of the lectures where he presented real experiences in O&M.

Furthermore, several other tools were provided to the students in order to improve their complementary skills and facilitate their work on the elaboration of their projects. Classes about scientific writing, writing tools (Latex and Bibtex), reference search, bibliography management and managers (Mendeley), basic statistics and tools (R and RStudio), scientific tools (R, git, github) and exploratory data analysis (R plotting systems) were given.

Supervisory board and Training Committee meeting

The first SB+TC meeting was also held at the CIRCE headquarter. As it was the first time that the fellows and the supervisors were together, the fellows had the opportunity of presenting their respective R&D lines and expectations to the consortium. The agenda of the meeting contained a review of the project status, financial and management issues with a brief discussion, upcoming activities definition and the presentation of the exploitation and dissemination task of the project. One industrial partner organisation, Enel Green Power, attended the meeting as member of the Supervisory Board.

The next specific course will be held by the end of 2015, and the 2nd SB+TC meeting together with the 1st Industrial Workshop, will take place in Germany in February 2016.